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Android Auto does not work on Nokia 1/Android Go 8.1 ("Android Services not working properly")

I bought a Nokia 1 as a navigation for my father's car via Android Auto. But Android Auto does not even start on the phone. When trying to start, it only says "Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten. Google Play-Dienste scheint momentan nicht zu funktionieren." (german), which means "Error occured. Google Play Services seems to not working properly." I tried with and without car, makes no difference. Other phones work fine with the car, eg my Moto G2/Android 6.0. Already talked to support, but could not solve the issue. Tried to delete cache of Android Auto and Google Play Services, also reinstall Android Auto, as well as total phone factory reset. Without any effect. I wonder if I will have to return the phone. Is this a Nokia 1 specific problem, or a Android Go issue, will it be solved or will it never work? Any ideas, thoughts or comments? Thanks in advance for your support!
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