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Nokia 8 Oreo Slow/Hanging


Am I the only that is experiencing a slow Nokia 8 with Android Oreo.

It hang between apps. 

The some apps crash when switching between apps.

The camera takes for ever to take a picture.

Little bit frustrated with a brand new nokia 8.

If I knew this, I would not have picked this phone.

Thank you

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This is unusual, as people do not have such complaints about this device.

Try to put it in safe mode to see if it goes Ok. In case it does, it means that some app may be the reason.

I see the same and usually the culprit is Chrome. So whatever the case is, the hardware should focus to dominate and restore performance. Should not see this on a flagship phone coupled with stock OS!! HMD are you listening?

I would perform a factory reset before blaming HMD for this as my Nokia 8 has no issues with slowdown. This is usually related to a poorly coded application than the phone or OS but people are quick to jump to the conclusion that the phone or OS is the problem!!!!

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