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Nokia 5, android 8.1 bugs

So I've been using android 8.1 on nokia 5 for two days now and I've noticed quite some bugs. The first and the most annoying one is the notification badges. Not only are the notification badges all of the same colour( turquoise blue) but also a lot of times notification badges randomly appear on some apps and they disappear after you swipe away. It is genuinely really annoying. Moreover, what's up with the Google Chrome app? The status bar is white for everything. Previously it used to change colour depending on the website e.g. blue for Facebook, green for android authority. Now it's just white. For every single website. The performance is also a little laggy here and there but it's fine all in all except the few annoying bugs. I wonder if others are also facing these.

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I have also noticed another bug. When the theme changes, the colour of the volume bar doesn't. Suppose the theme changes from black to white. The colour of the volume bar will still remain black.

I found a BUG on quick settings after 8.1 update. Anyone has it?

When the TEXT size is set to bigger than normal, the "quick settings menu" OPTIONS NAME will not render correctly.

If the name as 2 lines of text, the second one has a few pixel lines CUTTED.

The menu does not take in consideration the TEXT SIZE. The bigger the size, the more pixel lines will be CUT off.


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