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Hotspot not sharing internet with connected devices


My new Nokia 8 (TA-1012) doesn't appear to share the internet with connected devices. Devices connect to the hotspot OK, but display 'no internet' type errors when trying to load webpages. 

4G internet works fine on the device, it just doesn't seem like it's passing it through over the hotspot feature. 

Any clues? I have latest updates as of today - Android 8.1.0, with Feb 2018 security patch level. 


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Same here, but on 8.1 with April security patch.

It seems that the issue is IPv6 -default APN for my carrier (Orange Poland) is IPv6 only while IP addresses assigned by Android on Nokia 8 are IPv4. 

Once I manually added IPv4 APN and switched to it, internet on mobile hotspot started working again.

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