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I really like Nokia 8 but big issue it is giving is its focus whenever I open camera it is unable to focus properly and I feel vibration of its motors trying to focus,all apps using camera are giving same issue .On manual mode also it's giving same issue which is very annoying. Anyone else facing same issue..??

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Sad thing is here every one know that Nokia 8 camera focus is not's not your handset problem.... camera firmware issue... waiting for 6 months still Nokia sleeping
So it is a software issue or hardware because vibration while it is focusing is making me worried..I can clearly hear and feel it's focusing motor running fast...

user1522431625565, get in touch with support, i never felt or heard that kind of noise on my Nokia 8.

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I started having the same issue, since yesterday. Did you solve it? I own my Nokia 8 for 4 months now.

If the image is blurry/out of focus at the edges, contact support. I had this problem and they would have changed the Camera module (but got a new phone cause they did not receive spare part).

Visit Nokia service centre they will replace your camera.

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Even after getting camera module replaced still getting buzzing sound and images are blurry what to do now
Same question with my Nokia 8 that when I open the camera. 马达一直在响,试图对焦,还以为手机要爆炸,我以为是我自己的问题,看来是固件问题,请求抓紧修复,手机是港版 TA-1052.
I have the same problem when I got july security update, is that solvable or not
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