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Pdf file issue

No pdf file is opening in my new nokia 6 even after downloading Adobe acrobat pdf reader. Please help...

Tech Wizard

PDF should work without installing more apps (if the phone variant come with Google services).
- Are you trying to open pdf files on websites, from Google Drive, or files that are stored locally on the phone?
- What exactly happen if you transfer a pdf file via USB or Bluetooth, and then find and tap it in the Files app on the phone?

Please state the phone variant (TA-????) and Android version if further troubleshooting is required.

When I click on pdf file to open it gives error message n doesn't open. I have also downloaded some other pdf reader application but it doesn't get open. Android version of my phone is Oreo. Where to find that TA???

Tech Wizard

The phone variant number (TA-????) and more technical information is found in Settings > System > About ...

Did you try pdf files on different websites and different files on the phone?

The error message word for word, please?

Is the phone set up with a Google account?

Are all apps updated in Play store > My apps?

TA1021 Error message: This file could not be accessed. Check the location or the network and try again.

Tech Wizard

Did you try another pdf on the Internet, in the Chrome browser on the phone - as suggested by the error message?

Also please consider the other questions in my previous post.

I suggest ask a skilled friend for help in real life if the error persist.


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