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I think My NOKIA 8 has virus ? : (

Yesterday evening I received a message in Whatsapp and since then an ordeal has begun, in fact Kingroot constantly asks me for permission from Root to certain strange programs. 
Maybe it's a virus? 

First thing to note is that installing "Kingroot" probably voided your software warranty with HMD. If you root any Android device, you lose all warranties and support. Second thing to note is that there is discussion on XDA which alleges that "Kingroot" actually contains malware / adware (I don't know how true that is, it's just what I found from a quick search on the name). I recommend a full factory reset of your device, then avoid installing random APK files and don't try to root your device in future.

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I agree, full factory reset, if you're lucky the malware will not have affected the recovery partition.

Shall I try different rooting apps like 360 root and SuperSu ?

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Read the response by @Murph, clearly suggesting you to steer away from rooting as your warranty will be voided.

Stock android has most of the features since Nougat 7.1. There is no need to root android phones anymore. What are you really trying to do by rooting your phone?

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 Well, I have discovered some reasons I want to root but we won't discuss them here.

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