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Music apps stop playing through headphones after a certain time

Anyone having the issue that when you play music through headphones, the app closes itself and the music stops playing? In my car via bluetooth it seems fine, but not with wired headphones.

This happens with both Spotify and Bandcamp for me. I've disabled battery optimization for Spotify but the problem keeps occuring, VERY annoying when i'm exercising and have to stop and fiddle with my phone to get the music playing again. 

I don't know if this a Nokia problem, or Oreo 8.1 is to blame. Any input would be appreciated, thanks.

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Yes, this seems to be a common problem. Audio apps, Spotify in my case, seem to stop after a while when running on background. There's some discussion about this at e.g. (in Finnish). This used to work just fine until recently, so it probably came with the latest update. I've got the latest software as of date, TA-1004 with Android 8.1.0, Kernel 4.4.78-perf+, Software 00WW_4_84A_SP01. Also feels like battery drains faster.

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Tech Wizard

I blame Google's backup/restore routines.

The cure on my phone was to do a factory reset without restore of apps and settings, and without automatic install of third-party apps.
Add the Google account when prompted and let the phone update all built-in apps before doing anything else.

It's a major irritation to adjust preferences everywhere again, and personal data from some apps is lost, but my phone is stable with Android 8.1 and the March 2018 security update.

I use music a lot and could not wait for the engineers to sort it out.


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Thanks for the input guys, good to know it's at least not a hardware issue.

I'll hold off the reset until the april update to see if that will fix it.

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I have this problem too, after 30 min. music stops when using a BT headset, and I have to start playing music one more time. Will wait for April security update before any reset of phone.

It happens to me via Bluetooth, there is a thread with more information here

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