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Android One on Nokia 7+

Im looking for anew smartphone and software is probably the biggest thing I'm looking for. The specs of the 7+ are just fine and should be fast enough for me. 

With Android One. Is is an absolute certainty that the phone will get monthly security patches and two more increments of android ?

Will the phone get a total of three years support for security updates ?

I would like to ask the community how confident they are of this

Nothing in life is an absolute certainty. HMD have chosen to make updates and "pure Android" major selling points and their way of standing out from the other vendors (e.g. my previous Lenorola Android has received a total of zero updates in over 18 months, so I will never touch those two brands again). Android One is an official Google trademark, so HMD have made a legal commitment to Google that they will deliver on those promises. As long as HMD is successful, it seems highly likely that they will deliver. Something could happen which makes delivering Android Q impossible, such as hardware compatibility, but the same is true of all vendors. Or, Tursas could lay waste to Espoo, that could hinder their plans.

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Well they're off to a bad start anyway. Got the phone, came with 8.0 and February security, They are prioritising certain regions over others and many have to wait at the back of the queue for updates. Not at all happy so far

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