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Bring back Bubbles and Sleeping Screen

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Hi HMD/Nokia phones team!

I'm sure you remember the Nokia Bubbles screensaver and Sleeping Screen glance screen from the Symbian days. Wouldn't they be great little apps to make for the new Nokia Android phones?! They could be optional to install, but would differentiate Nokias from all the other yet-another-android-phones.

Please think about it - a little fun never hurt ;)

Cheers :)

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another great idea. I remember my nokia E7 and Nokia N8 had that app from nokia beta labs, I also remember it was kind of RAM consuming but remember symbian devices were usually very conservative with regards to CPU and in 2018 with android phones from nokia hmd things are different. HMD please listen to us

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I was going to post this but you beat me :D These are very useful and beautiful features to have and they are not slows down the phone (I think I don't know how it will work if you put a chrome notification to the bubbles lock screen) I didn't used bubbles lock screen when I was using Symbian OS my phone wasn't supporting it but I used the glance screen (actually I never turned it off it was always active, with a good black and bright neon colored pictures at the background) it's way better than having a blinking LED on your phone. Stock Android has an always on screen (licenced from Nokia; in autumn 2015) but it's like a demo version of the old one you can't put a full size picture. We definitely need this two upgrade with the Nokia 9.

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