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Hi HMD/Nokia team,

Do you have any plans to add sub-forums for other languages to this community site? I'm sure many people come to the site and are put off because it's in English and they don't feel confident enough to join the discussions. If this site is accessible in more languages then you'll build a stronger community that is more representative of your customers, and you'll probably get more useful feedback and generate more sales through recommendation as a result.

Please consider it.

Thanks :)

español porfavor !!!

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¡Si! ¡Viva Nokia!


We’re considering it already. But might still take a bit until we can realize it in a proper way, so here I have to ask for patience. 

Sorry for that. 



In my opinion, judging by the limited number of new posts I see each day, I don't think there is enough overall site traffic to warrant breaking the forum up into individual language subforums.

 There is always the option to compose a post in one's native language, then cut and paste an automatic english translation above the original native language text. Something  like Google translate would be good for this;

 Given the limitations of automatic translations, it's also very helpful to have the original native language text in the post. This way someone that understands both languages can clarify the message for the rest of us, if it is not clear.

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