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Nokia phones camera focus

Hi, I got a question about the camera focus on Nokia phones (I experienced this with the Nokia 2/3). You can adjust the focus (and exposure) by tapping anywhere on the screen. The problem is when you tap, the focus stays for a few seconds on that particular point and returns to the center of the screen automatically. Is there way to keep the focus and exposure for a longer time on the particular point of the screen. The Motorola devices have a good way of adjusting focus/exposure. You drag the focus on the screen around instead of tapping which makes it easier in my opinion. Maybe Nokia could implement the same camera focus method if there would be no problems with patents.

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Nice suggestion! Soon HMD will update the cameras on phones with ZEISS optics with the "Pro" GUI from the Lumia phones. I can't remember if the focus works like you suggest but it's certainly quite good.

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I found a photo to show how focus/exposure works on Motorola phones. Most phone manufacturers use touch to focus but from my time using a Motorola phone, I think drag to focus is easier to use. Currently, from my exerience with the Nokia 2, the focus/exposure stays too short when pointed on the screen. It goes back to the center after ~2 seconds.

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