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Provide a "Welcome tour" on the phones

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Hi HMD/Nokia team,

I'm surprised that there isn't a "welcome tour" on your phones when they are first switched on and configured. The Android and Google account setup is standard, but after that HMD could an automated tour that shows people how to use their new phone for calls, texts, the web, getting new apps, and accessing all the Nokia support options. For example, although I'd used Android before I didn't know where to find the Support app (it's probably in the manual, but who reads those?!).

This tour could be part of the Nokia support app itself, could automatically run on first use, pin the support app to the homescreen (why isn't this already done?) and show the user how to re-run the welcome tour from inside the support app.

It doesn't need to be a long tour, but some sort of welcome would go a long way to improving the new user experience.

Cheers :)


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it is a good idea (as the tour guide in my nokia N9 and also in the Z launcher product) maybe HMD has not implemented it in an attempt to have the purest OS in their devices, I do think a welcome tour app does not have to be RAM consuming or something like that. Good idea, HMD should take it into account

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