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Nokia 8 Noise Reduction during calls

Hi. I own a nokia 8 model TA-1012 single sim with android 8.1. I was unable to find the background noise canceling function during telephone conversations and is certainly not active. This option is as useful as possible and implemented by all phone protagonists regardless of phone price. I tested with the "sony recording" application and it looks like it works both microphones. I ask for implementation or a solution.

Tech Wizard

Noise reduction during phone calls is always active, there is no on/off switch.

The effectiveness of the noise reduction and the clarity of phone calls depend on network type 2G, 3G or LTE, and it can only be heard by the other party.

Ask a friend to record a call while you are in a noisy environment?


Not working. I've tested before posting my comment. Please test it too.

Tech Wizard

Noise reduction works best with engine noise and other constant noise. It's less efficient with music and people talking in the background, where single words and some frequencies creep in. It does not work when wind gusts blow across the bottom microphone.

Noise reduction is active and works for me, at the pub, in the car etc.

Plantronic and other manufacturers have Bluetooth headsets specially crafted for voice calls and outdoor use if needed.


Hello. After multi-phone tests it is confirmed that noise canceling nokia 8 does not work. I tested under similar noise conditions Lg G4, LG G5, Iphone SE, Samsung S6 and it works perfectly. You can try with NOKIA 8 during phone conversations to cover and uncover the microphone near the camera. There is no difference in noise canceling. The same problem I had with NEXUS 5 (android pure). It seems that the noise canceling system is not implemented.


We are waiting for it to be solved ... but hopefully in 2018.

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