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Gallery App and Music Player App

Will we be seeing an in built Gallery App and an inbuilt Music Player App for the Nokia 8 running on Oreo. I would like for the beta labs to look into this for all us Nokia 8 owners

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It already has both of those: Google Photos and Google Play Music. If you don't like those, the Play Store gives you choices without adding unwanted bloatware. It goes against the concept of Android One, and is possibly even prohibited by the contractual agreement between Google and HMD, to provide anything else in the base image.

That is all well and good, but as you say that it goes against the concept of android one I will need to disagree. As there are other phones on the market which come with Android 7.1 Nougat that have these apps pre-installed. So why not on the Nokia badge which is recognised worldwide,  as is the IPhone and Samsung range. You can get those apps pre-installed on the very lower end of the market phones. The Nokia 8 TA-1012 came with pre-installed Nougat software from android. It was launched as a flagship phone for HMD Global under the most popular badge ever in mobile phones, NOKIA. So it leaves me pondering as to why were these apps not native to the phones software.


Android One is an official Google trademark and specification. The Android phones with bloatware you cite are likely not part of Android One. Nokia / HMD have firmly committed to no bloatware and Android One.
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