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Memory issues still not fixed, Nokia never again.

How many topics on this issue you need before start doing something about it Nokia/HDM?! It's 2018, and I can't have a fully functional phone that doesn't kill every app 30 minutes after the screen is off. Tried literally EVERY "fix" out there, nothing works. Is this a joke? Are your paying customers clowns? This is the last time I buy your brand, I had Nokia phones for the last 7 years and was happy to buy this one, but since 7.1.2 became unusable. I'm on Oreo now and after so many betas you still can't do it, can you??

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Thanks for the info Oliver, but from what I've been reading over the forums, I think it's better to stay away from 8.1.

Well, I will give it a try as soon as it will be available in Germany as my primary phone with a MultiSIM is still my Lumia 950 XL :-). 

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Tech Wizard

I'm using 8.1 Oreo, It feels better than 7.1.2, I haven't observed the background applications being killed yet, But I can multi-task better than 7.1.2 now !!
The applications (Depends on what you use) seems to continue from where we left off, except a few- Like browser which reloads.

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Ah the good old Lumias, I had two, before Microsoft discontinued Windows 10 mobile. Forced to get Android I chose Nokia and the rest is in the original post... Not happy. When I get the update here I'll try it, but I really should go back to original Nougat that came with it.
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