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Phone freezes, crashes and restarts when charger connected

Hi all, got a Nokia 6 a few months ago, but in the last week or two I've been having trouble charging the phone while it's powered on.

So basically, my phone will be on, I'll plug it in to charge, as soon as it's started charging, the phone freezes up, then forcibly restarts. It does this on a loop, so when it's rebooted, the whole cycle starts again.

I'm using the latest software updates (Oreo with March security pack), have tried booting in safe mode and a full reset, to no avail. I'm also using the charger that came with the phone. If anyone could help I'd be very appreciative, as I'm completely out of ideas!


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Tech Wizard

Please carefully inspect the USB socket in the phone and the cable for debris and mechanical damage?

I suggest try a different USB cable and connect to a different charger or a PC, to rule out any potential issues with the original charger and cable.
Also try switch off the phone and connect it to the charger: It should go to charging mode without switching the phone on (and without looping).

Next step is a workshop (or a skilled friend) for proper hands-on evaluation.

I hope you get it sorted out.


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