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Over heating issue and battery backup

I was fan of Nokia earlier, so I again switch to Nokia from Redmi note 5, but this phone has issues. It has over heating issues it goes upto 50°c then reboot to cool down and due to heating battery is draining very fast. Backup is only three to four hours. Any help or any body else also got the same issue with this phone new nokia 6 2018. Please share your experiences or solutions if any.

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Yes I am also facing similar issues 

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My battery backup is also remarkably bad.

Same problem
After update,everything went well for me.Backup is better now,getting around 12 to 13 hours on a full charge and getting 6-7 hours screen on time.I won't disconnect my data conn and with moderate 3-4 hours + gaming. Only problem is..While quick charging, the device heats up too badly.when using a 5v1Amp charger,i get more backup and takes around 2.5 hours for complete charging.

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 As mentioned in similar topic i have experienced similar issues. The supplier replaced the handset without problems. New one lasts easily 24h + with quite a lot of calling and messaging.

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