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Stereo audio recording

Hi, I have recorded videos with stereo audio from my Nokia 5, but now it doesn't work, only mono audio, I don't know what is the reason and couldn't find anything on Google, please help me if someone know what has happened

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I am also having the same issue, I think stereo recording disabled after we receive 7.1.2 update.
It will be good if they enable it again in their next update
Is the 5 hardware actually capable of anything other than mono (assuming just the phone itself, no external input)? It looks to me that it only has a single microphone (either built in, or through the 3.5mm jack), without the fancy sound enhancement of higher models. If that is the case, it seems to me that stereo recording was a bug, and mono fixes the bug. I'll be happy to be wrong about that, I'm just not seeing where more than a single channel comes from. If there's some fancy input connected (e.g. via USB OTG), the details should be made clear.
You mean to say that the secondary noise cancellation mic is not usable for stereo recording? Previously it was worked. Even the moto mid range mobiles also having stereo recording
Oh, ok, I forgot that bit of the hardware. I went looking for what's claimed on the main product pages. The 5 doesn't make any claims, the higher end phones have spacial enhancement (which obviously needs more than mono). I don't know if that 2nd mic (and the hardware behind it) is suitable for recording or not.

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Actually it was confirmed that there are 3 mics in Nokia 5 by the Nokia mobile care's support chat, and they also said that it can record stereo, but it's not actually working now, is that a hardware issue or software issue? I used Google camera to record videos, it also could record stereo but it also doesn't work now

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It may be the software change done by Nokia after their 7.1.2 and Oreo updates, but I don't hope that they will give this option in future updates.
I spoke to customer support today, they confirmed that Nokia 5 is not having stereo recording option.
Stereo recording is NOT a bug.Nokia 5 has 2 microfones.And I really had a records in stereo.But now it impossible.!!!
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