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Required Dolby Atmos

In the flagship mobile i can't accept without Dolby Digital Sound even I'm tried Sony Headset its perform like ordinary music, lenovo offering Dolby in their Vibe series at cheapest price please give us a update with Dolby Digital sound.

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In the native Google play music app you have several audio settings, when you go to the settings menu within the app and tap on equalizer.

Btw, Nokia 8 comes with OZO sound. Try to make a viseo recording with the phone and after that put the file to play on a surround sound system. There I do feel the difference.

Dude but how can I record my favourite mp3 songs to listen.
Even the equaliser in Google music does not work. Sometimes I feel that bass level is little low but can't do anything about it.

The Google Music EQ has never worked right on any phone i have owned, i bought Poweramp years ago and never looked back.

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