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Will Nokia 8 get pro camera app like Sirocco and Nokia 7 Plus?

From years Nokia 8 got inferior Camera app now we are seeing good Camera app for Nokia 8 Sirocco and Nokia 7 plus. Can we expect that app for Nokia 8 too?

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wondering when nokia will give new camera app / update their camera app on nokia 8

Also there is one modded port of pixel 2 xl stock camera using it i am getting shark portrait pictures with excellemt bokeh effect .and the images are really sharper. Background is perfectly blured and no body parts were blured Such as hair or the ears which usually happens in most of the phones while the nokia 8 stock camera doesnt provide front camera bokeh mode itself. So surprissing.Even the back camera clicks are awesome . I would recommend everyone to use that.
Yes. Eventually there is a prevoius version of this app in the internet for download now

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Yes, Nokia 8 is getting the update. Date is not known for now altho Juho Sarvikas said he is "working" o na date like 1 month ago.

@user1514552258137, i saw that too, installed it but it's not working well. Pro mode doesn't work, Auto HDR+ works but not forced HDR+, app freezes. C'mon Nokia update the app officially already.

Perhaps there is some hardware limitations or the pro camera cannot work with dual camera setup (rgb+monochrome) in Nokia 8 and the dev team Could be stuck or struggling with that . All.other Nokia has telephoto as secondary lens.
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