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screencast/mirroring problem android 8.1

hi all , i need help and answer with this problem, i bought LG tv with webOs 3.5 , when i try to screen cast to the tv . it doesnt recognize , it is say "no nearby device" . what should i do ? i have tried restarting the phone , and try another third party app but still no success . thanks for the answer and help .

Hello, Nokia refuses to activate Miracast. It works only with Google Chromecast, which is quite useless . So it will never cast on your TV.

It's not Nokia refuses to activate Miracast. Miracast was removed by Google from Android 7

so it is , thank you for the answer .
Other manufacturers using Android 7 and up manage to let it work. So it's not just Google. And they have a "pure" version as well.
so , i need just to be patiance waiting ,and hope theres will be an update from nokia , for let it works? or i just trade this phone looking for a better one? though choices ,hemmm

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Xophedebx, any examples of manufactures/phone models running "pure" AOSP 7+ and having Miracast support?

As far as I know, Lenovo models. I assume there are other brands out there. I had to leave my Lumia 950 because of my banking app stopping being supported, so I switched back to my beloved brand Nokia. But, for my usage, I think more and more to go back to my Lumia. I miss the win 10 integration, miracast, etc, etc. Android is disappointing to me.

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