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Why does my nokia not bring me the latest update ie. 8.1

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Tech Wizard

It is being released across all regions, check for an Update after restarting your phone over Wifi, It might be available in your region.

Also no update after 2 weeks.

TA-1053 Germany

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yes the update is out since 2 weeks and in Germany and Austria, it is not yet available. Why do not you stick the update out for all countries? Are the update servers so weak that they do not provide all creations with updates at the same time? But that's the same with all manufacturers whether Samsung HTC or LG ONEPLUS. Always the same problem me. Why does not a Nokia employee care about speeding up the update distribution?

I hope an employee read my text because I wrote?

TA-1053 Germany: still no 8.1. Usually the security updates roll out in the third week of a month, so next week should be interesting.

There is still no update to 8.1. TA-1024 Poland
I am from Italy. I have a Nokia 5 TA-1024. Android 7.1.2 security patch March 2018 樂樂樂樂樂

It's available for me now.

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I am from Mexico. I have Nokia 5 TA-1027 Android 8.0 security patch March 2018 and I have not the update to Android 8.1

My TA 1024 Nokia 5 here in France is still on 7.1.2 and we are now in April. I have the March security update installed.

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Android 8.1 and April security patch arrived on my Nokia 5 TA-1024 in Italy

Tech Wizard

Nokia 5, India April update 149MB.
Oreo 8.1 V5.600

Having noted earlier that my Nokia 5 was still on 7.1.2 here in France, I received the 8.1 upgrade along with the April security update two days ago. So I am a happy bunny now!

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is it out in England yet

user1514417361692, no there is no update in the UK at this moment 

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