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Face unlock

Will Nokia 6.1 support face unlock.whil launching Nokia 6.1 in India they said Nokia 6.1 has face unlock, currently I am using Nokia 6.1 and don't find an option for setting face unlock and the os is 8.0

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I don't see any reason that it would not support it. It should be there at: Settings > Security > Smart Lock.


I don't see any reason that it would not support it. It should be there at: Settings > Security > Smart Lock.

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TA-1089 Indian Version Don't have  face unlock feature till now.Hope it would be added in next update..

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Nokia should provide face unlock feature in Nokia 6.1 Oreo 8.1... it is unfair to remove that kind of feature in security updates....:-( Hope it will get again in upcoming update.

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Hopefully it will be available soon. And yeah trusted face is not face unlock. Both are distinct
Trusted face works just as well, folks just have to remember to swipe up to enter home screen once your face has been recognised. Upon successful face recognition, swipe codes, PINs and the like will disable, allowing entry to the device upon swiping up.
Trusted face is not face unlock... Trusted lock is mostly fooled by picture but face unlock less chances of that.

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Nokia 6.1 supports face unlock settings>security>smartlock>tursted face>set your face in circle and thats it turn off mobile and turn on mobile with power button keep ur face on front camera you can observe in bottom middle icon it changes from face icon to unlock icon and u able to u swipe up to home screen.
Tagore M that is not face unlock.. it can be fooled just by a photo. Check this video. This is face unlock.

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Navjot there is only one difference in Chinese version it automatically unlock after face recognition & in Indian version we able to swipe up after face recognition.
Tagore M no its not so. In Chinese version if your eyes are closed the phone will not unlock. But in Indian version it will unlock. So if you are sleeping ur phone can be unlcoked but not the Chinese. I hope you understand. For this you can watch this In India both 7 plus and Nokia 6.1 will get face unlock on approx same date.

i have purchased Nokia 6.1 few days back, today i got a face lock update.

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You got face lock or trusted face? And you from where buddy?


Are you talking about face unlock or trusted face?
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