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April security patch

I note that Google has released the April patch. One plus has followed suit. When will it be released on Nokia phones?

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Same question here...

I am willing to bet in April.

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I hope we don't have the same fiasco that we have just had with the March Update

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Got the April update coming through on TA 1012 in the UK now

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April security patch received in Portugal too


O2 UK installing April now. TA-1012


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O2 UK installing April now. TA-1012

Installing April update now, TA-1004, Telia, Norway

And still no camera update. :-(

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Just installing on a UK TA-1012 on BT (EE)
This time no need to fiddle about with different SIM cards to initiate the update. Well done HMD!
Received the April patches, but installation failed, any help? And also, where is my Oreo 8.1 Nokia/HMD?

Got it just now, 3 UK.

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