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How to solve the issue of can't find 4G or Volte signal in China

As a Chinese Nokia user. I also had this problem, but with my China Mobile SIM card. Due to I am also a Macau university student, I insert two SIM card. One is 3 Macau(China Unicom in China), the other is China Mobile. You see, the point is that, the phone can't response very soon, especially for you crossing a board gate( from Macau to Zhuhai). The phone need to reset its network, switching into a different signal. Here is the solution: if you can't find the Volte signal, you can open up "Settings"->“Mobile Network”->“Advanced”, turning off “Automatically select network”, and try to search for the one you're looking for. If this doesn't work, you can try the other way: set an APN.(You may see the settings tutorial on different operators' official website.) Hopefully it helps;)
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