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Post found bugs!

During my usage of the Nokia 2 I found out some bugs. 1. Turning off the shutter sound in the camera settings does not work. The camera still makes a shutter sound when taking a photo/video desptie being turned off. The only solution to turn off the shutter sound, is muting the phone completely. 2. The Nokia 2 camera is not able to capture continuously like the Nokia 3 (burst mode). The Oreo Beta update enabled the Nokia 3 to take around 40 photos when you keep the shutter button pressed. 3. When I try to unmute the phone by pressing the volume button and then tap on that bell icon, the phone goes into the 'do not disturb mode' instead of unmuting the phone. I never experienced this with another phone. Usually after tapping on the bell icon it should unmute the phone.

At 1st formate your phone or Clear camera apps data... I have no problem about it... When you silent your phone, you need tap volume down button and its go to vibration mode... Broost mod enable by default, its work but i disable it for my use... So, try now with my instraction

The reason for the shutter sound option for not working maybe it's a rule in your country
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