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Does Nokia 7 Plus support below functions?

  1. VoWIFI
  2. 4G+4G (I got my dual-sim mobile, in this moment, it supports 4G+3G mode)
  3. Android 8.1


As far as i can tell, i don't see 4G+ in the settings, the highest network type is 4G

I don't see an option for VOWIFI either

And it doesn't run on Android 8.1 (yet)

  1. It should support VoWiFi but the actual usability will depend on your region and your network operator. My Nokia 7 (not plus) has VoWiFi but I cannot use it here.
  2. The  Nokia 7 Plus will connect to 4G network on one SIM at a time. So, the second SIM will come down to 3G/2G networks.
  3. It doesn't come with Android 8.1 out of the box. However, the Oreo 8.1 update is now available and you can update it as soon as you turn it on for the first time.

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