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Question regarding KaiOS

Which apps can be installed on KaiOS? Do java apps run on KaiOS?

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Keep a look at this website for future announcements

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Somesay its possible to run firefox apps. but i cant confirm this. because i am having trouble with bugs etc.

Q: Which apps can be installed on KaiOS?

A: Obviously a KaiOS compatible app then again it depends whether a particular app in a KaiStore for a Jio phone is readily available in a KaiStore for Nokia 8110 4G. I am aware Z-Group Mobile produces KaiOS games and apps but since i don't have a Nokia 8110 4G, I can't comment further.

Basically all apps are HTML(with js and all that) . Further information are available on KaiOS's developer site

 So actually are apps links to the "website"  like when i am browsing on my phone the server know that i am browsing from my mobile phone and therefore is showing mobile webpage ? if i am understanding it right ?

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