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Oreo 8.1.0 update?

I am seeing many issues in newly bought Nokia 6.1. I suspect it to be software issues. My phone is having 8.0.0 is installed. When will we receive the stable 8.1.0; upgrade?

Yes. Waiting for the update.

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 Available here in the UK since morning hours today. Updated, smooth no problems at all

Bought it 2 week ago. As soon I turned it on, 8.1 was downloaded and installed. No problems observed. (TA-1043)

I have Android 8.0.0 wirh Feb. Security Patch. I still waiting on Android 8.1 Update. :( I bought my Nokia Yesterday. Have someone the same issue?

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I think it's country depending.

Hello. I bought Nokia 6.1, the version of TA-1043. I bought it on 03/05/18 (Russia). In the settings, Android 8.0.0 is installed (the last update is February), checked for updates to Android 8.1, but the system says there are no new updates, but in fact there are April updates. Q: Why can not I upgrade to version 8.1? Where are the latest security updates ??? Developers, solve this important problem!

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 I also just bought this handset yesterday here in the UK. OS = 8.0 and saying is fully up to date. 8.1 is not being offered as an option in the update menu?? Why?



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I think all people have this update problem who buy a Nokia phone after first May. For example I buy my Nokia 6.1 phone 3 days ago.

 Kevin, Thanks. Though not sure whyat is significant about 1st May.

It's depends on country, provider and model number. Also downloading the update is only available via Wifi connection. I know frustrating, but you have to be patience.

My current version is 8.0.0 with the Security Updates from Februar 2018. I imagined the same thing with Android One as with the Nexus devices.

It's depending Model, Country, Provider etc. For security updates, read:

 I have now received my 8.1 update. All good...

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