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Dual camera bug

Have anyone noticed that Nokia 8 dual camera function not actually uses both the camera in dual mode? I tried taking pictures in dark room with minimal lights, in RBG, Twin and Mono modes in camera application. First I took the same spot picture in twin mode, then RGB only mode and Monochromatic only mode. Clearly in monochromatic mode picture captures the spot with more details and better lighting. But in RGB and dual mode, the picture looks same and it seems that monochromatic sensor not utilised in twin mode to capture more lights. If they incorporate both the lenses to operate in twin mode, then pictures will look more perfect and better in low lighting conditions. Does anybody feels the same or the sensors works in that way.?
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It definitely uses both cameras in Twin mode, it's just that the difference is rather minimal in most cases, but it's still there.

I don't think a camera setup like this is capable of as much as you are hoping. The monochrome sensor does take brighter and sharper images as there's less filters light has to go through, but it can't just magically improve a color image as it has no color information. My understanding is that it can bring out a bit of detail in the shadows and possibly be used to for some better post processing, but that's about it. I do think Nokia could make it have a larger impact, maybe with more manual settings, but it still won't blow anyone away. 

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