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Handset with multiple issues

Nostalgic affection with Nokia brand forced me to purchase Nokia3 but it was a bitter experience due to:-

  1. When phone bell rings, stand by display does not go away rather a very tiny phone insignia appears on left corner of the top of the screen showing call is coming and in order to receive call power button has to be pushed twice to retrieve call attend red button.
  2. Battery is quite poor.
  3. There is absolutely no provision of any short key to put phone on silent or on vibration mode.
  4. When i put phone on vibration manually by pressing down volume key, only phone bell goes on vibration mode whereas other sounds like notifications, reminder and alarm does not go on vibration mode. For putting all others on vibration mode one has to select all others one by one manually & put them on vibration mode.
  5. As of today's morning, two identical time+date+alarm displays are simultaneously appearing on phone, one at default location & other beneath it.
  6. Many callers have complained that they made calls which were not received or returned by me but phone does not show that call was made by them, neither as received nor as missed call. Only caller's outgoing call log confirms that he made calls.
  7. Nokia3 3.5mm power/data jack insert point has been equipped with some sort of lock feature, it accepts only nokia made charging/data cable. If user needs to charge battery with a non nokia 3.5mm jack, he will have to apply adhesive tape or will have to hold inserted cable.
  8. Lastly it seems nokia support center staff has been trained or given instructions to deal with all customers having such like complaints to suggest them to update their handsets rather than resolving the issues. When asked where phone is not asking for update how could i update this phone, they reply soon you will get one. 
  9. In nutshell not only this phone is pathetic, the manufacturer & its support staff also falls within same category.    

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i agree with you i have faced numerous problems with my nokia 3 too which is quite new.Right now it stopped charging despite showing that it will be stays on the same percentage while on the charger. right now as i type here its been on 33% for the past 4 hours and connected. i have trieds everything their customer care team said it just doesnt work.

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