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Back key, finger print and overview button are not working

Hi, since yesterday the back key,finger print sensor and overview button of my nokia 8 phone is not working anymore. Over night the phone discharged completely from about 40% battery. I've restarted the phone, switched it of and on and removed the saved finger print and tried to add it again. It's like the phone doesn't recognize the sensor anymore. I've tried to contact the nokia support via the support function on the phone since yesterday, but so far no reaction. I'm from Tamil nadu and had the phone for a 3 months. My previous phone the Samsung galaxy grand had the boot loop issue and needed to be repaired. Thought the nokia 8 would be of higher quality. I don't know how to contact the nokia 8 support since there
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Try to put the phone in security mode and check if it works properly. 

If it does, it means that some app is playing around with the phone

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