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data settings grayed out

im using dual sim, sim1 has data and working fine. now my data plan on sim1 ended and i want to use my sim2 data, but thats impossible because even though i disable sim1 in settings, sim2 is still grayed out. is this a phone issue or a provider flick? can anybody help?

Tech Wizard

Settings > Network > SIM cards > Check if SIM 2 is active.
Below that, select SIM 2 for Mobile Data.

Settings > Network > Mobile Network > SIM 2 > Roaming , Allow to connect to data services when roaming.

 thanks for answering. it appears that i had to deactivate sim 1 to allow sim 2 to have data. since i dont have a phone number at sim 1 i dont really care but i don't think that a dual sim phone should work that way...

Tech Wizard

I really didn't understand you.

If you are using only 1 SIM, Use it in SIM 1 Slot as it can connect to 4G LTE.

IF You are using 2 SIM cards simultaneously, Settings > Network > SIM card > Preferred SIM for > Mobile Data,
This setting should work. Also check the Roaming option in Settings > Network > Mobile Network > SIM 2 > Roaming 

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