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Pink camera spot issue

Here's something I noticed today - taking a picture in certain low light conditions produces a pink/reddish spot in the middle of the picture. 

So far I've only been able to reproduce it in my own room, with natural light coming through blue curtains on beige/brown objects. 

After doing some research, it appears this issue is rather well documented on many phones from different manufacturers, the Galaxy S2, S5, Xperia phones. Some sources say it might just be an issue with all smartphone sensors, referred to as "color shading", some just hide it better. My old Galaxy S3 appears to have it too, although nowhere near to the same extent. If I may, here's a couple links from androidcentral and xda of people talking about it. 

What I'm wondering now is how widespread this is on the Nokia 8 in particular and whether there's any hope of having it better after a replacement. Interestingly enough, the front camera doesn't have that issue, even if it might be the same sensor (is it?), but maybe it's due to the optics too, which are probably quite different.

It also appears possible to compensate for it in the software, so I wonder what are the chances of that in case it's common on the Nokia 8.

I'll try adding a few examples I took in the comments. 

Since my pictures are not being approved, how about an imgur album with some more examples?

Tech Wizard

Does the pink spot appear in photos of a white or grey wall, or when taking a photo of a sheet of white paper?
That would make it easier to demonstrate when the store ask what is wrong.

My old Symbian Nokia N8 has this issue, most noticeable in cold weather and when taking a photo of a newspaper page.

I haven't seen the issue in my Nokia 8.

It's probably something all camera sensors do and is compensated for in the firmware. There is always production tolerances in mechanical components so I suggest go for a replacement.


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Not really, no. What I've found is that it needs low light to be visible, oddly mostly blue light, or black fabric like in some of the pictures in the album, no matter the lightning. In either case it appears to be pushing for a higher ISO which seems to be linked to how visible it is. Not many ways to properly demonstrate it in a store. Maybe just the example pictures will do though. I've heard from another who replaced his phone for this reason and supposedly it's better on the replacement, although not completely gone. Might just go for a replacement after all.

Tech Wizard

I would expect an even tint in the photos if it's a software or ISO specific issue, not a spot in the middle.

You decide how to proceed.
Please let the forum know how it goes?

I mean not that ISO itself is the problem, just that whatever it is, it becomes more visible when the sensor pushes for a higher sensitivity. As it's most likely an issue with the IR filter from what I've read, I think it would make sense, along with the spot being reddish and only visible on some colors. Anyway, will do.

I got my phone back. Of course, the service center couldn't replicate the issue. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt as it's not easy to notice, even if I did try explaining the situations where it's the most visible. Oh well. I never noticed it on my SIII in four years, though it's not as clear, so I guess I'll just live with it. 

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 I'm disappointed for you, it's a shame that the service centre didn't try harder to replicate this issue.

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