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Overall Build and User Experience of Nokia 8

Dear Nokia/HMD

I recently purchased Nokia 8 and these are my views about the phone as a whole. This device is a flagship smartphone, people either love it or hate it. But I love it, even so that I would like to give some feedback on it. I really like the 5.3 inch size but it could have been a bit more compact. The bezel could have been reduced further. One of my major concern is the lack of dedicated SD card slot.The Dual Sim is a important factor for me as I travel and removing the my SD card for every trip is a hassle. Hence please look into this in your coming models.Another concern is the battery capacity , don't get me wrong. I know for a fact that it has quick charge but a bigger MaH battery is important. The current battery is barely making it through a day. The last but not least issue is the lack of stereo speakers. Smartphone devices should have stereo sound.Love the fact that you have maintained the 3.5mm jack,and also the SD 835. These issues are not a deal breaker as I've still purchased the device.

PS: VOC is the core to any business.  


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