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When will Nokia buy S40 and S60 devices?

It's a question that many users are curious about.Usually directed to the b2x service users no longer able to get support from the b2x service . They hope that Nokia will not own their own devices and asking : When will Nokia buy S40 and S60 devices? When will you give support? Even if it is a spare part.

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S40 and S60 devices are not spare parts in any mean but that is a "Bright Past" of Nokia. I am not sure that what HMD Global/Nokia will planed for these devices but I am 101% sure that Nokia started their "Bright Future". So look forward and enjoy the new Nokia Phones. I am still using Nokia N90 and 6600 and you can't believe that these both devices are working perfect and I don't need any kind of support for these phones. Love you #Nokia 

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