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Video mode missing in camera app

Am I missing something? Where has the video mode gone on the camera app? Was there an update or something that erased the video? How do I get it back?

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Swipe left and right in the camera app to switch between photo and video modes.

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"swipe left and right..." does not work with the new update 8.1

I've the same problem with my Nokia 5 since the Android 8.1 Oreo update. Swiping left or right doesn't work…

I found a solution, you have to swipe in the camera app from bottom left diagonal to center right. Try a few times, it will switch to the video mode. Very strange gesture...

Tech Wizard

Depends on how you are holding it...

Swipe up or down if the phone is held horizontally / landscape should work.

I agree it's an odd way to change camera mode. There's plenty space for a toggle in the menu area - where it used to be in the Nokia phones I've used so far.


Tech Wizard

The recent camera update/feature is similar to the google pixel camera app. But the google camera app had a video icon on the bottom black portion of the screen.

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