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Phone randomly switching timezones

Hi Community

Context: I have an Nokia 8; and I travel a lot across timezones.  When Android 8 Oreo first was released I upgraded to it, and applied updates ever since; but ever since Oreo, from time to time it switches back to my home time zone "randomly" - I haven't been able to discover a reason or pattern.  It's unfortunate when my 7:00 AM Alarm goes off at 4:00 AM because the phone has switched from US/Canada Pacific time back to Eastern.

Settings System | Date & Time | Automatic Timezone and Automatic Date & Time are turned on.

It has occurred when OS is set to US English and to Canadian French; it has been connected to AT&T  as the service provider.

Has anyone else experienced this / do you have any suggestions?

- TR

This is not a phone issue, I believe

The phone is set to automatic time/date settings, right?

If it is, then this is an issue of your Internet provider, most probably. The providers give the date/time settings to the devices by a protocol (NITZ). if they are not connected to a NITZ server, or they are generating a wrong time and date on their servers, your device will catch the wrong time and date.

Try to identify which is the network where you get the wrong time.

Thanks Ritzar ... I'd think that too, except it happens all many places I go, and it never happened in those same places before the Oreo upgrade.

Tech Wizard

I take it location services is enabled all the time, and the GPS works?
Also please consider any restrictions you may have made in the Google app and Maps, regarding data collection, data sharing with other apps, time-line etc.

It should work all the time if Google Assistant know where you are...


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