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Last week I update my nokia 6 to android oreo 8.1 ,

whenever I m on a call, and if any notification comes, 

it doesn't mute at all, rather it can be heard while on the call and very load,

and also resolve the CAST screen bug, as I cannot find the setting for Enabling wireless display only youtube cast works fine.

please release the patch for the same.

Anyone else is also facing the issue or I am the only one with the problem,

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This seems to happen after the last OTA update. Its so irritating that during a call, you get a loud 'gong' like sound which deadens the caller's voice. Please fix it. The same issue in my friends Nokia 5

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Tech Wizard

Regarding notification sounds during calls:

Phone dialer app > Menu ... > Settings > Calling accounts:
Please check that the toggle for Alerts on call is off?

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Yeah it was off.. Thanks for the help @user389 , I think enabling the same will resolve my notification issue... But the cast screen issue stays.

Tech Wizard

I don't do enough phone calls to determine if the toggle has to be on or off, to mute notifications during phone calls.
Even when not muted, audible notifications should be a discrete system beep during calls, not full blast. - I suggest report the issue to Google via Help and feedback in the phone dialer app menu.

Google want us to buy Chromecast dongles.


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Let's try that too..

I have done the setting as mentioned by user389. Still the app notifications and message notifications especially whatsapp's is really irritating. Nokia needs to investigate this thoroughly. All because of an OTA update.  The phone does tend to go bit slow too after the last update. Even calls get missed as the ringtone automatically gets muted !

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 Why is the Nokia Team silent on this issues related to the recent update ?

1) Ringtone is not audible inspite of highest volume?

2) App+Messages in call loud irritating notifications not getting disabled inspite of the correct setting

3) The latest update also messed with bluetooth settings. Bluetooth goes off automatically. Then unable to switch bluetooth on inspite of trying the toggle button. When using the bluetooh device and if music is being played.. and you receive a call.. the call does not connect on the bluetooth device.

4) Battery life is poor.

5) Display remains at highest level inspite of keeping setting on auto.

6) The phone hangs a lot.

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Already all your above points has been raised to Nokia team but it seems that Nokia is not interested for resolving this bug inspite that they still sending the andriod upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1 ...!!!! Why they should do that ...if already this bug are facing tgen why r they publishing upto the customer's very much upset with this type of service from Nokia......... Can any one please reach out to them and eloborate the while scenario.

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 Dear Nokia Team,

Any update ?



Iam facing this issue with my Nokia 6.1 . I can hear my message notifications when on call.

Guys i have the same issue.. And sounds like Nokia isnt interested to solve.. I toggled it on and off.. no change.. lets post this on any nokia review.. and let nokia deal with solving the issue on force
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