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ADB-Driver for App development

Hi guys,

I am the proud new owner of a Nokia 8 (TA-1004, Dual SIM). Now I would like to develop a little bit with Android Studio and ADB but sadly there seems no ADB-Driver from a trustful source available which does support the Nokia 8 at the moment.
(At least I can't find any).

The "not function" ADB interface in the device manager ist telling me the follwoing USB VID and PID "USB\VID_2E04&PID_C040&MI_03\A&64894B4&0&0003"
I guess that the general ADB driver would the job, but I can't install it on Win7 because the USB VID and PID are missing in the driver's INF file. First shot with modifying the INF and adding the PID/VID to the inf did not work out.

Any hint where to obtain a "official" adb driver from Nokia/HMD for debugging when developping an App?

Thanks and regards,
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