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LED Flash light

Hi, when I swich ON the flash light of my Nokia 8 and keep the finger on the led, the led starts to heat tremendously and within few seconds it makes me to take off my finger from the led. Is this issue every Nokia 8 is having or is there any manufacturing defect with my device?

No defect, over driven LEDs (which is how you get them very bright) get very hot which is why you don't really want to be using it as a torch for very long.

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Lol, I left mine on for the whole night a while ago haha, placed the phone on it's back and forgot to turn it off, it was fine though and still works just as well.

It will just fine until it burns out, why do you think LED home lighting tends to have metal heat sinks hidden behind all that white plastic.

You're not going to kill it instantly but leaving it on will considerably shorten its life.

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