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My general ideas about the new Nokia phones

İ this article I want to share my thoughts about the new Nokia phones, I hope it will be helpful for those who wondering how good the new Nokia models are. I used both Symbian and Windows phone 8.1 before this model. (Nokia 6 ) it's been more than 5 weeks since I bought this phone, by far my experiences with this phone is good but as I read the other phone's specifications and reviews I can't help but worrying about the future of Nokia-hmd.

First I want to start with general problems with the phones. First of all after having 3 years Symbian and 4 years of wp experience I found the Android 8 is really messy; there's no proper stock music-video player and the gallery app is very untidy. Having a near stock Android experience is really good yes I can tell that you by comparison that I made between my phone and my brothers phone (he uses Lenovo k note 6 and mine is way better than that) however having a totally empty phone is another problem that bothering me, I can find my new photos as easily as I could before, like I said the Google photos in this phone is not good as old Symbian has or would 8.  First you have to develop a gallery app of your own, something similar to one we used on wp, the gallery hub wp8 provided us was perfect, it was very organized, you were able to reach all of your photos, photo folders and photo shooting and image editing apps with 3 main screens of this app, it's a shame that Ms changed it with 8.1 but new one was still better than Google photos. 

Same goes for video and music apps; there's no good music-video player in Android 8, and I think you should make a media hub just like the old wp8 has; that was just like the gallery hub that I wrote above; music-video-and Media, recording apps, all of them was reachable by 3 simple finger actions. I want you guys to make sure that your next models have useful apps like this. And we need a good equalizer too, for both recording and playing music, media; something similar to Asus's Maxx audio program that I'm using on my laptop. And as for the camera, you have a lot to do for a good user experience, we still don't have some of old good Nokia camera apps; we don't have a photo editor, don't have raw support and worst of all almost none of the new phones don't have OIS. 

As for the general hardware of the phone's, their proceccors are good but their screens (especially high end devices) are not that good, Nokia 3-5-6 has good screens 7 and 7plus is good too I think but 8 and sirocco doesn't have a quiet flagship feeling. You have to use better screens for your phones. One of the other things that bothers me is that none of your phones has a perfect balance, all of them lacks at least one good thing; Nokia 5-6 doesn't have notification LED, Nokia 6.1 don't have stereo speaker (it's predeccor was has it so it's a huge downgrade) almost none of them have ois, which it sucks and none of the flagship models don't have the feeling of real Nokia, 8 has huge bezels sirocco has curved screen which is a Samsung style feature; and once again none of the high end models don't have a good speaker; you always advertising the ozo audio but what about the speaker quality, having a good audio recording algorithm doesn't have us a good speaker quality in our phones. 

You have to work on good, useful features like bringing back the old useful Nokia apps such as Nokia sleeping screen, Nokia bubbles lock screen, good gallery and Media apps, and a camera algorithm that even better than old pureview algorithms; having an edge screen or notch doesn't give people a good user experience, but these ones does. You have to think about which feature that you put in the phone is really necessary.

 Long storys short instead of adding some cheap tricks like notch or edge screen make sure that the phones has good hardware and software. Don't drop the ois on your next mid and high end devices. Especially Nokia 9 that model must have it. And make sure that they sound good, every low range phone using 24 bit speakers but almost all of high end devices has 32 bit audio system. Having a notification LED is good but not as good as having a modern version of Nokia sleeping screen. And please consider these demands; these are what we-users really need. Sorry for the long post, I split it into phrases but I'm writing this on my phone so that might not work.

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 Well written feedback and most of it I agree with!

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