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Oreo stable update

Are anybody get oreo stable update my device is Nokia 3 Ta1032

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No, my device is the TA-1020.
I have a ta-1032 in belgium. No update stable Oreo for the moment. I have the Oreo beta.
My device is ta-1032 in Sweden, no update here either

TA-1032 here in the Netherlands. No update with the official build yet. I am running the beta (3.250).

Украина ничего нет

TA-1020, Vodafone Romania - no system update; still running the Oreo BETA

On 11thApril juho sarvikas (ceo of hmd) tweeted that "you asked, we listened. android 8.0 oreo™ drops for #nokia3 today." But in which region it's getting we don't know, yet in India it's not getting
Properly updated to Android 8.0 stable. Nokia 3 ta-1038
I've received Oreo stable update on Nokia 3 TA-1032 but found out that the previous beta version was far better as I am not finding ambient display and night light feature in the stable version of Oreo in my Nokia 3

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i am still not get oreo stable update, i am in the last beta version.. what can i do to gate the update..?

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The only thing you can do is wait for HMD to get there act together and pull there heads out of the asses. Sorry for the attitude but i'm also waiting for stable release....

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Down from Sri Lanka and anxiously awaiting, but for how long! Why Nokia is playing with our curiosity!

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