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Still no Oreo on my Nokia 6 TA-1033 UK running on EE

I still haven't received Oreo update on my phone and it's April and I've been waiting since February. Can someone help? I tried clearing data from the Google frameworks services thing and I still haven't received it. I even tried to remove my son and use an Indian VPN and nothing works. I'm on android 7.1.2

I have the same issue as you.still waiting for February security updates.its just taking so long for the update.i like the Nokia 6 it's a really good just getting fed up hearing everyone else is getting there updates.

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I'm still stuck in the January 1 2018 patch
When I wrote "remove my son" my son, I meant remove my sim that was the autocorrect on the keyboard and I didn't realize sorry about that

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Hopefully someone helps us. I will be very grateful for it
Wow I just found the fix...All you have to do is remove your sim card and the factory reset your phone...and wait a little bit and you receive Android Oreo 8.0 this just worked for me
Have you got your updates yet?

Happens here too, but on Peru, Movistar carrier.

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