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Battery heating up

Hi Nokia, Nokia 6 2018 phone heats up terribly during charging and while using internet

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Ya Nokia 6.1 there any manufacturing fault in all devise of Nokia should support their customers and solve there problem....Nokia we have trusted you by closing eyes but quality is as per axpectation.
The heat while browsing the Internet may well have nothing to do with the battery, and is not a conclusive symptom of a design or manufacturing fault. Your phone has 8 CPU cores and relies on passive cooling for them. I.e. it is expected that the body of the phone can get quite hot if something uses a large amount of CPU over a period of time. Many websites have either bad JavaScript or cryptocurrency miners in them, either of which can cause extreme CPU usage. The phones have thermal protection which will cut the CPU performance in extreme cases (something like 40 to 50 centigrade), to protect the hardware. The current generation of phone CPUs can generate more heat than can be removed through the passive cooling available, even with an all metal body.

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