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Nokia - Garmin connection

After the update from Android 8.0 to 8.1 the connection between my Garmin Watch and Nokia phone isn't working properly anymore. At 8.0 is was working correctly and the device was added to Smart Lock. However after the 8.1 update I had to re-pair the watch to the phone, which succeeds, but after a certain period the connection drops and is not restored. Additionally, I am unable to add the watch in Smart Lock (even when it shows as connected in the Garmin Connect app). 

I have tried re-installing the app, re-pairing the watch several times (via the Connect app or within Bluetooth Settings page)and tried it in different orders, but none helps. I even tried a hard-reset but same problem. Initial pairing is working, but after a certain period, connection is lost and not restored (I have to delete the device and re-pair it to make it work for a few hours). Is there a solution for this problem?

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I have the same problem with my Garmin Fenix 5S.

My Garmin Connect Build number is 4.6.4

I have Nokia 7 plus with Android 8.1. My bluetooth AVRP version is 1.4 (default)

I have the same thing on my new Nokia 6.1.  I can connect it but then as others have said it drops the connection and then will not reconnect.

Up thread you users have said about resetting bt, wifi and network, do you just mean switch all three off and on again?

You should go into "sistem" inside "settings". You will find that option there.

May security updated fixed the BT connectivity issues, but June broke it again.

 i have this problem too, but i have it on my huawei p9, and also my friend has this problem on his iphone. this is a garmin problem.

It's problem of both. If Nokia (Google) fixed the problem one month and broke it again another month, the Nokia is the one who is responsible here. But, it's true that Garmin software and support always sucked.

About Huawei, looks kind of general problem with these phones. Garmin provides updates addressing particularly the Huawei:

Hi All,

I have experienced this same problem with a brand new Nokia 7 plus (which updated to Android 8.1) and Garmin connect using a Vivoactive 3. Never had this issue with the same watch on previous phone.

As described above, the watch would connect and sync fine, but after a few hours it would disconnect and struggle to connect again.

I have set "Bluetooth AVRCP version" to 1.3. I also reset "network, Bluetooth & wifi settings", upon reset the android device asked for Bluetooth pin (not the connect app itself as others seem to experience) and then device was connected to garmin connect again. 

So far its been 12 hours and still connected, not holding my breath since I was not asked by the garmin app itself for pin.

Overall the N7+ is a great phone, with the lean android that I appreciate. However, we really need an official reply and fix from Nokia on this. Its been 3 months since original post.

To me, it still doesn't work even after July security update. Device doesn't connect anymore after disconnect.

This is why I send the phone back, BT wasn't working, not on the garmin, not on the Bose speaker.

now using a Samsung S9 and no problems at all, BT is perfect garmin works perfect and Bose speaker has NO interruptions every 20 seconds.

this was a big Issue to me, I use tha speaker and the garmin all the time, and I had the idea allready it was going tio be a long issue before it was going to be solved, I know the samsung ais a different price, but if important features don't work, then I rather pay a little more.

I loved the android one, but with the nova laucher i'm still happy,

To report back from my experience:

* Setting "Bluetooth AVRCP version" to 1.3 did not work

* If I have to set up Bluetooth connection via OS results in watch connecting but then disconnecting again after a while (matter of hours)

* The watch connection then actually causes other Bluetooth connections to malfunction e.g. speakerphone on car connection is intermittent

* The solution noted previously does work: Resetting "network, Bluetooth & wifi settings" and then opening the garmin connect app, this results in the garmin connect app asking for pairing pin. Be sure to enter the pairing pin in the garmin app and not through android OS prompt. After doing this the intermittent connection problems with car speakerphone was also resolved and everything works as expected. Thanks to the users sharing this solution.

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