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Oreo 8.1 bugs list

1. Decreased battery life and battery takes longer to fully charge despite using the accompanying charger. 2. Decreased ringtone volume. 3. Frequent app crashes and phone hanging. 4. The alarm does not start with a lower volume before gradually increasing. 5. Third-party music apps can not be controlled from the lockscreen and status bar. Screen has to be unlocked before the player can even be paused. 6. Bad sound quality during calls. 7. The SIM not used for internet connection now displays an 'X' as opposed to the usual network type. 8. The DOLBY sound problems from Oreo 8.0 has still not been fixed. These are some of the problems encountered newly with the latest update. NOKIA, please fix them.

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The same problem to me, and I also whant the home screen main apps place be back, and the SIM signal icon to show as the type of network.

The same problem on my NOKIA 6 with the network type.

After upgrade to Oreo 8.1 i can't see the type but only X. 

Option redémarrage ne fonctionne plus
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