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android 8.1 Nokia 8

Nokia 8 TA1004 still at Android 8.0, when do you release Android 8.1 in Vietnam and South East Asia country??

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The same question, I don't understand, in Vietnam, Nokia 8 T-1004 (global dual sim) isn't received Update 8.1, We only receive Security Patch March 2018 (00WW_4_390_SP03) but my friend in Vietnam bought Nokia 8 in 10 April 2018, he received Update Android 8.1 with Build (00WW_4_84A_SP01). What is happening ? Why ? We bought Nokia 8 Global (free sim) and are in Vietnam, we receive other update

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My TA-1052 Nokia 8 received March & April (though having error while installing) security patch timely but not the Oreo 8.1. Because of not able to install the Apr'18 security patch successfully, I google around and found a trick to downgrade the OS to Oreo 8.0 with Dec'17 security patch. After successfully downgrade, I receive the Jan'18, Feb'18, Mar'18 and finally Apr'18 security patches in each restart and have updated successfully.

Today, I thought of using the similar trick to update to Oreo 8.1 and it got updated successfully! You may want to refer to the steps I outline in xda-developers site for reference. 

Do be reminded that the method works on my device, it may or may not work on your, do it at your own risk.

I'm in vietnam. My t-1004 get full 8.1 and 1 april 2018 security patch. I'm using vinaphone network
I come from vietnam with model TA1004, already have a android 8.1 with April security patch on this morning. My trick that I used 4g cellular for check and download the update instead wifi. I have spent one week check by wifi but dont have any respond until now. I'm using mobifone cellular.
Android 8.1 is now available in Vietnam with April sercurity patch, but i dont know why Nokia is not show any information about Android 8.1 in OTA What's new update for users to know

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Confirm Nokia 8 TA1004, Vietnam Mobifone, updated to Android 8.1 V4.84A with security patch 2018-04 today!

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Nowadays, Nokia is releasing 8.1 via OTA.

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Nokia security patch error 2018-06 :( I download it several times and every time it said "couldn't update" installation problem :( please someone help me solve this I have TA-1004
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