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Blurry and Shaky Photos and Videos

Nokia 6 2018 phone camera is have huge blurry and Shaky photos and Videos, really dissatisfied by buying this phone I should have bought Redmi Note 5 pro which has Dual camera, EIS and other features, 13K for 4GB Ram and 64 GB memory, I had hope on Nokia that they will do better than others but you have failed, you will lose the customer base in India, sorry to say, I need to sell this phone, just bought on 14.04.18.

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You people are fooling customers in the name of Nokia to make money, you people charging higher cost but lower specifications and worst camera and worst performance, I have wasted my hard earned money.

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I am experiencing the same issue but I also know the fact that it can be fixed by software updates on the camera app and hoping that Nokia looks into the matter and resolves any or all of the issue with the camera

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Guys.. please turn the HDR option off. Otherwise photos will be blurry.

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They why they given HDR, need EIS feature, Nokia please add this feature in future update. We need some official confirmation from Nokia, otherwise it's waste of money, Redmi Note 5 pro has Electronic Image Stabilization, we paid more the Note 5 pro hence it is our demand to add this feature

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Turning off the HDR feature really works but I don't get the point of the HDR then, why giving it when it has no use!?

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the camera experience really is such a mess, and no word on any fixes for it.
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